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High Speed Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line (Folded Noodle)


High Speed Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line (Folded Noodle) - LTI-900 | Folded Noodle - Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line

Folded Noodle - Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line

High Speed Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line (Folded Noodle) - LTI-900 | Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line_Folded Noodle

Automatic Bag Instant Noodle Production Line_Folded Noodle

Production Process

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Noodle Weight: 70 grams
Production Capacity: 720 bags/minute

Production Parameters

  • Plant Space Required: 96m(L) x 12m(W) x 7m(H)
    (office and wharehouse for raw materials & finished products are excluded)
  • Power Consumption: 160Kw (main production line)
  • Steam Boiler: 6,000kg/hour
  • Working Pressure: 10kg/cm²
  • Water (soft water) Consumption: 6,000kg/hour
  • Frying Oil Consumption: 3,000kg / 8 hours
  • Operator Required:
    (a) About 4 persons before packing process
    (b) About 11 persons for packing operation


  • Fried instant noodle production with larger production capacity of more than one million bags per day to leverage your factory overhead. While higher fixed costs nowadays become an issue gradually for most food and noodle manufacturers, our high speed bag instant noodle machines will definitely be the best production equipment for your automatic food or noodle production worldwide.


(1) Additives Agitating Tank

This noodle production equipment will accelerate the dissolution rate of those ingredients based on your noodle recipe.

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(2) Soda Water Storage Tank

This noodle production device comes with a single-axis agitator. The water inlet is on top of the tank, and the outlet is at the bottom. Salt, soda and other seasoning ingredients can be added pro rata according to the water scale. Round shape with optional double-layer insulation, this device can include a cold water circulation loop inside based on client's required customization. Cold water can be introduced to lower water temperature and enhance the quality of dough.

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(3) Flow Jet Mixer

The latest flow jet flour mixer, suitable for high speed noodle production line, will enhance the bond between water, flour, and other additives to increase the water content and improve the dough quality before dough sheeting and aging process.

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(4) Kneading Machine

This noodle production machine will simulate the dough kneading and ripening process to perfect the noodle quality.

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(5) Material Feeding Conveyor

This dough aging and feeding conveyor can be customized and adjusted according to the whole noodle production line speed.

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(6) Compounding Machine

This noodle machine consists of three sets of dough sheeting rollers. After pieces of dough are pressed into the sheeting rollers, they are then formed into a blank by the third roller as dual-layer dough sheet. Material is fed by the signal from photo sensor, under whose control compounding and stretching are synchronous and through which the thickness of the noodles in the dough sheet arc can be adjusted more even.

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(7) Stretching Machine

This noodle machine consists of seven or eight pairs of dough continuous sheeting rollers designed in independent transmission for automatic ratio and synchronous control. Through the continuous dough sheeting by more rollers, the dough quality will be highly improved and the thickness dough sheet can be equally adjusted to the perfect rolling ratio for high quality noodle production.

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(8) Cube Type Steaming Machine

The thermal control of such continuous steamer is conducted by adjusting the steam temperature via the steam equal-distribution system. Steaming speed, temperature, and time adjustment are very convenient for your fried or dried noodle production process. The temperature inside the steaming conveyor is distributed uniformly.

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(9) Cutting & Seasoning Machine

The high-pressure dewatering fan and the uniquely designed air knife can remove soup residue to decrease unnecessary water and residue entering the high-temperature pan along with the noodle pieces and to reduce the degenerating speed of the oil.

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(10) Frying Machine

The bottom of the frying machine is designed with a number of oil inlets to significantly adjust temperature in different frying steps to meet the needs of different noodle products. Both ends of the machine are equipped with oil-removing devices like air knife (and blower) and oil scraper to effectively reduce the oil content of noodles and the oil consumption rate of the equipment effectively and thereby cut back the production cost.

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(11) Heat Exchanger & Oil Storage Tank (Optional)

Such noodle production equipment will be made of SUS304 stainless steel required for the hygienic noodle production process.

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(12) Noodle Distribution Conveyor

This food conveyor will rearrange the noodle cakes in sequence and ensure the continuous distribution to the cooling machine.

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(13) Cooling Machine

This noodle production equipment adopts air circulation cooling design. Cool air is filtered and provided by the blower to ensure cooling hygienically. With the highly efficient blower to discharge humid and hot air promptly, the excellent cooling effect can be ensured.

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(14) Dividing Machine

This noodle production equipment can separate the output noodle cakes into different rows based on the design of packaging machines.

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(15) Bag Noodle Conveyor

An intelligent speed-adjusting design automatically controls the conveyor's speed according to the noodle production speed.

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(16) Pillow Type Bag Packing Machine

The speed of packing machine here can be adjusted based on the former noodle production equipment and then transmit the packaged noodle into the following device.

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(17) Product Conveyor

The conveyor will transmit those instant noodles after packaging machines.

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(18) Carton Sealing Machine

This is the semi-auto sealing machine to help factory operators to seal the packed instant noodle into cartons more efficiently.

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Packaging Applications

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