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Small Batch Vacuum Mixer


Small Batch Type Vacuum Mixer - Suitable for the production of superior noodle products for chain stores or laboratory.

Small Batch Vacuum Mixer - VMA-001 | Vacuum Mixer (VMA-001)

Vacuum Mixer (VMA-001)


Volume: 22 KGs (flour weight)
Weight: 470KGs (Empty)
Power Requirement: Driving Power 2HP, Vacuum Pump 2HP
Mixing Speed: 2~3 section speed adjustment
Main Material: SUS304
Dimension: 650mm(L) x 1233mm(W) x 1253mm(H), Cover-Open: 1760mm(H), subject to change based on clients' request


  • Automatic operation cycle, automatic time control.
  • Easy operation, reducing mixing time (Compared with traditional manual mixing).
  • Improvement of dough quality, enrichment of noodle taste.
  • Uniform distribution of dough water (Compared with traditional mixers).
  • Pullery design suitable for small space and easy for cleaning.
  • Ready for use by panel setting without extra electric control box.

Dimension Drawing

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